A Festival of Creativity!



Birdman Wellington - A Festival of Creativity! (and fun, and frivolity...)

Taranaki St Wharf, Frank Kitts Park, & Wellington's Waterfront

11am - 5pm Monday 25 January 2016 Wellington Anniversary Day

(Postponement day is the day BEFORE - Sunday 24 Jan. Check the FB page for any postponement)

                2016: CREATIVITY THEME! 

Costumes ready! Come on down and share your creativity! Or, just enjoy the wild and wacky dreams of others!

Frist prize this year is $200 for the winner to donate to the charity of their choice! There will be numerous spot prizes for competitors as well. And for the kids, bring them down in costume at 11am for the Birdkidz jump, from a sea-level platform!

Food & market stall applications are available from the Capital Productions website.

Flying into a harbour near you is the crazy Birdman Wellington. This is a fun family day out starting at 11am and finishing at 5pm, where you can enjoy Wellington’s wonderful waterfront against a backdrop of entertainment, stalls, music, and of course the iconic Birdman Wellington Contest. This year's theme is Creativity, and we have a big range of activities for you and your family toi join in!

Spread your wings in the Birdman costumed jumping competition and explore your creativity. You could land yourself a fantastic prize and be crowned Birdman Wellington Champion 2016. Participation is open to individuals and teams, and judges are looking for fantastic costumes, dazzling showmanship and a big splash. Design a crazy flying costume and launch yourself off the specially-made “airstrip” on Taranaki Wharf. All-age jumping starts from 1pm; Birdkidz at 11am; and the BMX flip ramp will entertain all day.

There will be a whole range of fun and family-friendly activities to provide an entertaining day for all ages, including excellent music stages, kids’ activities and rides, lots of food, and a range of market stalls. See below for more details of creative activities!

Music. Come and enjoy some of Wgtn's leading original musical talent at the performance areas around the Waterfront site.

Cardboardbox Land. We'll have the cardboard, tools and tape; you bring any ideas, and we'll make up a creative storm of castles, ships, masks, costumes, forts, rockets, and whatever else takes our fancies! Artrageous fun for kids and parents. Pirates will be a theme for the day!

Giant Chess. First we'll make 'em in Carboardbox Land, then the Chess Wizard will play anyone (wind permitting)!

Stiff Card Engineering. See if you are an engineer capable of constructing an architectural edifice from only stiff card!

Prizes, for best kids', and adults', newspaper constructions! We're looking for the highest tower; and the longest bridge; made from newspaper and a bit of tape!

Pirates on the Main! Well, in the Lagoon, anyway. Watch out landlubbers, they'll be looking to make land and steal your bootie! Craziness and mayhem is sure to ensue. Watch out for Raft Wars activities such as "Design, Build, Paddle", "Keep the Hat Dry", "Last Woman Standing", and more!

Keep checking this site for updates.

Postponement/cancellation information on 384-1998 from 8am.